Back in the day when blogs really weren’t a thing, I used to roam Tumblr and facebook and StumbleUpon as “ly2mela”, writing about my healing journey with Lyme and Babesia, but I needed a break..

Within the 6 short weeks of college winter break in 2009, I received a diagnosis of late stage Lyme disease. A diagnosis of Lyme disease means something different to everyone – for me it was a devastating blessing. By this point, I had been sick and misdiagnosed for 4 YEARS. I was literally convinced that I was a hypochondriac. I saw over 15 doctors in a dozen different specialties, I was so happy to have answers. 

Fast forward to the fall.. I’m 9 months into antibiotic therapy, dropped out of my dream college ( or so I thought ), fighting through the most severe symptoms I had yet to encounter AND re-started my college career elsewhere ( my actual dream college ). The stress of being in college only exacerbated my illness but I shortly went from afraid to sad to angry that I was sick. I started to blog all the raw feelings and experiences. I really just wanted to try to share the reality of this misunderstood, commonly undiagnosed disease. 

Fast forward again – after 2 years of antibiotic therapy and almost another 2 years of care under a homeopathic doctor, I was done with Lyme disease. I don’t mean that I was healed, I hit a plateau of improvement and I basically surrendered. Not only was I done with the disease, I was done with doctors and I was done talking about it. I stopped writing, I left the online communities and I wanted to leave it behind me. I was doing a pretty good job at doing what I intended to do – spread awareness and share a REAL look inside tick-borne diseases – but everything about the illness just felt so negative to me, and I needed to let it go. 

So here we are 7 years later – am I still sick? I’m stuck somewhere in between healthy and sick. I don’t feel well, ever. Healing feels like a forever journey but I am SO much better than I was. Health is ever evolving + so is my knowledge. I’ve shifted my health focus to a natural approach and I hate pharmaceuticals ( I’m a nurse who dishes out meds on the daily, I know I’m a hypocrite ) but I’ve also accepted that there are many situations where prescription drugs absolutely necessary – and you would too if you knew what my migraines feel like.

So I took my break from writing and sharing and now I’m full of 7 years of unwritten thoughts, discoveries and feelings. And that’s why I’m back, as healing chic

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