If you are dealing with aches and pains in your joints, you need to keep reading – this supplement is part of my daily routine no matter where I am

Joint pain – knee pain to be real specific, was the first sign of my illness. Widespread joint aches ultimately ensued and became the most long-lasting, crippling piece of my Lyme fight, until I discovered two supplements that have literally been life changing [not even exaggerating a tiny bit]

When I considered myself “better” but not well, joint pain was my greatest struggle. Even though I saw a rheumatologist [a doctor who specializes in musculoskeletal and autoimmune conditions] BEFORE my diagnosis, I did a final visit with one just to like triple-check that I didn’t also have another disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus, that could explain this lingering pain. My entire workup was negative, except for the inflammatory markers in my blood that were sky high. So Lyme arthritis was here to stay 🤦🏻‍♀️ I had heard that permanent joint damage was a possibility in those whoseLyme was left untreated for a long time, but I had just hoped that wasn’t my case. 

My baseline at this point was pain, so I was given some prescription drugs that are used to treat arthritis and that was great, until I started having symptoms of stomach ulcers literally within a week. I’ve already been down the bleeding intestinal ulcer road and wasn’t trying to go there again. That’s when I started my research, trial and error and discovered Solgar No. 7

Solgar No. 7 is a joint supplement that contains ingredients such as vitamin C, Boswellia serrata, turmeric root, collagen, white willow bark, ginger root and pepper spices. These 7 ingredients combined into one supplement are claimed to provide improvement in joint comfort in just 7 days [hence where the ‘No. 7’ comes from] – and I can honestly attest to that.

→ Check out the Solgar website flyer here

This supplement has literally been a game changer. When I don’t take it for a few days I can seriously feel the difference – more pain and stiffness in my joints. I subscribe and save to this supplement on Amazon and I don’t go a day without it. With it, I’ve been able to work out in ways I couldn’t for a long time – a jog, the stairmaster, cycling classes – even just walking long distances or being on my feet all day is tolerable. 

If I never see the day where my arthritic joints are healed, at least I can feel like they are.


Back in the day when blogs really weren’t a thing, I used to roam Tumblr and facebook and StumbleUpon as “ly2mela”, writing about my healing journey with Lyme and Babesia, but I needed a break..

Within the 6 short weeks of college winter break in 2009, I received a diagnosis of late stage Lyme disease. A diagnosis of Lyme disease means something different to everyone – for me it was a devastating blessing. By this point, I had been sick and misdiagnosed for 4 YEARS. I was literally convinced that I was a hypochondriac. I saw over 15 doctors in a dozen different specialties, I was so happy to have answers. 

Fast forward to the fall.. I’m 9 months into antibiotic therapy, dropped out of my dream college ( or so I thought ), fighting through the most severe symptoms I had yet to encounter AND re-started my college career elsewhere ( my actual dream college ). The stress of being in college only exacerbated my illness but I shortly went from afraid to sad to angry that I was sick. I started to blog all the raw feelings and experiences. I really just wanted to try to share the reality of this misunderstood, commonly undiagnosed disease. 

Fast forward again – after 2 years of antibiotic therapy and almost another 2 years of care under a homeopathic doctor, I was done with Lyme disease. I don’t mean that I was healed, I hit a plateau of improvement and I basically surrendered. Not only was I done with the disease, I was done with doctors and I was done talking about it. I stopped writing, I left the online communities and I wanted to leave it behind me. I was doing a pretty good job at doing what I intended to do – spread awareness and share a REAL look inside tick-borne diseases – but everything about the illness just felt so negative to me, and I needed to let it go. 

So here we are 7 years later – am I still sick? I’m stuck somewhere in between healthy and sick. I don’t feel well, ever. Healing feels like a forever journey but I am SO much better than I was. Health is ever evolving + so is my knowledge. I’ve shifted my health focus to a natural approach and I hate pharmaceuticals ( I’m a nurse who dishes out meds on the daily, I know I’m a hypocrite ) but I’ve also accepted that there are many situations where prescription drugs absolutely necessary – and you would too if you knew what my migraines feel like.

So I took my break from writing and sharing and now I’m full of 7 years of unwritten thoughts, discoveries and feelings. And that’s why I’m back, as healing chic